All our products versions are powered by the highly successful EPnet software that acts as the core of each system. However, each market has its own requirements and the software is tailored to meet these specific needs.

  • EPnet Cashless – our standard catering and vending cashless system for the Corporate catering environment with integration to a variety of Facilities Management systems.
  • EPnet Max-eBar® – our fully integrated hotel corridor retail centre with full PMS and doorkey integration
  • EPnet Hospitality – catering and vending in the hospitality environment specifically designed for Hotel Restaurant & Bar operations with full PMS integration
  • EPnet Education – cashless catering & vending with specialist school add-ons and integration to School MIS with biometric and Photo options
  • EPnet Industry – controlled dispense of PPE and IT peripherals whether free issue or paid for. Itegrates to a variety of Facilities Management systems.

The core features of EPnet though are common to all Products.

EPnet Cashless is a versatile system that benefits many sectors. Common to all sectors, however, is its ability to log and control every transaction, provide comprehensive activity summaries and produce concise management reports. Every piece of Quintus equipment, be it loader, vending machine or EPoS terminal, records details of every single transaction and reports this to the Server.

A full audit trail is stored on the server and is accessible from the management workstation giving the system manager access to, and control over all system activity. This provides the data for a suite of comprehensive and flexible management reports based on individuals and group users, stock items and time periods.

There is also a very comprehensive Stock Control Module that can be added to the standard EPnet package for all versions.