The Education sector version of EPnet Cashless is ideal for charging for meals, snacks and any other purchases from school/college and University refectories, tuck shops and stationary stores using a payment card or biometrics (thumb/finger & iris recognition). EPnet provides a complete, comprehensive cashless system with EPoS terminals, vending terminals and a variety of flexible paying in/Loading options including cash/cheque, Internet transfers and Paypoint.

Security Benefits for Pupils

This considerably reduces and can eliminate the necessity for students to carry cash onto the premises. The removal of cash provides benefits in security, removes a potential opportunity for bullying, encourages students to stay on-site at break times and can be used to encourage healthy eating as well as a full audit trail of pupils eating habits, should there be a need.

Enhanced Purchase Control

EPnet enables controlled purchasing to limit the purchase of certain items, controlling time periods items can be bought and limiting daily spends as well as providing a useful tool for pupils with dietary or allergy requirements.

Free Meal Allowance

Comprehensive and completely anonymous control of free meal allowance is also featured.

MIS Integration

EPnet can also be interfaced to the MIS for downloading of pupil data, including photos to be displayed at the till for recognition.