EPnet has applications in business outside of catering. Increasingly, companies are using EPnet to control the issue of equipment.

Whether this is controlled free issue to staff, charging to contractors or simply logging take-up, EPnet is able to control it. This could be the issue of computer peripherals, tools, spare parts or PPE. By introducing a strictly controlled environment, the EPnet system saves on labour costs and reduces stock loss.

At the heart of the system is a modern, glass-fronted merchandiser stocked with the most frequently needed items such as protective eyewear, safety gloves, keyboards, data storage devices, drill bits and spares.

How it works

Staff use the machine to draw all the equipment they need using a card or fob, which is often the same device used for security and building access, without any modification. As goods are dispensed automatically, there is no labour cost associated with the issue, no payment to reclaim, no receipts required and no forms to fill in. Each transaction is recorded against a staff member’s name, so total control and accountability is assured. The system can even be set up to send an email to the user and cost centre manager to advise of the items taken and to the supplier to replenish stock levels.

Data & Reports

Every transaction is recorded in real time and reported to a remote PC, which collates and aggregates details of all equipment dispensed by type, by time period and by user name. The software has been written to allow access only to authorised personnel.