Quintus Systems is an independently owned, private Limited Company that was started by a group of cashless payment professionals in 1995. At a time when cashless systems were based around ‘cash on card’ technology, Quintus Systems was formed with the remit to design, develop and create a revolutionary ‘on-line, cash in account’ system.

Even before Microsoft had launched Windows 95, Quintus Systems were pioneering the networking of vending machines, tills and cash Loaders to make a truly innovative cashless solution. This innovative spirit has continued with the development of specialist solutions for hotels, non-food vending, education and our Max-eBar system.

All software is developed in-house, as is the design of our vending terminals and various loaders. Wherever possible, manufacturing is carried out by local business partners.

Today, Quintus Systems has an international portfolio of clients from individual schools and one-off boutique hotels to world-renowned blue chip corporations with installations in the UK and mainland Europe.

As a responsible supplier, Quintus Systems has clear policies on the Environment and Recycling, Equality and Corporate Social Responsibility, which we actively encourage.