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We’ve changed our phone number

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Since the advent of inclusive call plans, many of our customers have asked us for a geographical (01) number to use rather than our 0844 number. In response to these requests we have reverted to our original 01494 881422 number. The 0844 number will cease to work after the end of September 2019.

We hope this is not an inconvenience and will allow you all to call us using your inclusive call plans in future.

Single price terminal speeds up school meals

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Quintus Systems has developed a special terminal to speed up cashless payment for school meals. The Single Price terminal is programmed to the price of the school set meal. The small box works in unattended mode with the pupils simply touching their finger or card on the reader to be charged the standard price. The terminal gives off a loud positive or negative sound to confirm payment, or non-payment. A nearby till operator can continue to operate their till whilst monitoring the sounds from the Single Price terminal. In the case of a non-payment, they can take appropriate action.


2 Single Price Terminals set up on a plinth ready for meal service.

web-Loading with WisePay

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Quintus Systems have teamed up with WisePay to add a “web-Loading” alternative to our range of payment options.

Traditionally, cashless systems have used cash Loaders to add value to the cashless account by inserted money into a machine. However, by working with WisePay, web-Loading enables us to take payments via the Internet.

Any Internet-enabled device (be it a smartphone, tablet or PC) at home, work or on the move can be used to transfer money directly from the bank to an EPnet Cashless account. This saves costs with cash-counting and banking and provides greater convenience for the account holder.

This is particularly useful for parents to pay money into their children’s accounts at school, although is not just limited to the education sector. wisepay


yoyo-vend, powered by Quintus

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Quintus Systems are pleased to announce our partnership with yoyowallet, Europe’s fastest growing mobile phone wallet. We will be providing vending terminals enabling yoyowallet to be used on existing vending machines. Named yoyo-vend this terminal fits to all MDB & Executive machines. Yoyo-vend enables the yoyowallet QR codes to be read and transactions to be processed.

Our first order, for the University of Oxford, is now ready to deliver and install with firm interest already expressed by more yoyowallet sites.

This unique terminal offers the option of upgrading an existing stock of vending machines to this yoyo2exciting, new payment method without purchasing new machines.

The terminal uses the standard BV or Cashless plate on the vending machine making fitting straightforward. Once installed the machine will have a QR code scanner prominently positioned on the front of the machine. This will enable the user to simply hold the phone screen up to the vending machine for the transaction to take place with charging directly to yoyowallet.

Please call us for further details.


Have a chat with our latest Cash Loader

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Quintus Systems are proud to announce the development of our ‘Talking Loader’.

Loading cash onto a cashless system can be difficult for those who are blind or partially sighted. Operating a Loader with visual EP7150 loader 2only prompts can be frustrating and lead to misunderstanding the account balance and the monies loaded.

In response to this, Quintus Systems have developed a talking Loader that gives audio prompts throughout the Loading process including telling the user the account value and the coins and notes being added.

To ensure the ‘Talking Loader’ does not become a chatterbox, only designated users cards will activate the audio prompts. All other users will continue to use the Loader in silent mode.

Implications of the new £1 coin on vending mechanisms

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At the last budget the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the introduction of a new £1 coin in 2017. The coin will be modelled on the old Threepenny bit and those of a “certain age” will probably welcome this nostalgic touch.

However, new coins are not always welcome. The government said it would hold a detailed consultation on the impact of the change on businesses, which may face costs from having to change vending machines, supermarket trolleys and lockers at gyms and leisure centres.

Some commentators have raised fears the new piece will not work smoothly in vending machines but the Royal Mint said the coin “will be expressly designed to fit existing mechanisms”.

Although it may fit an existing mechanism, the mechanism still needs to be updated to the characteristics of the new coin. Not only is there a cost attached to changing and updating the coin mechanisms in vending machines, but also the question of timing of changes; particularly during the change-over period when both coins are commonly in use.

Looking forward to 2017, could that cost and disruption be better spent by installing a cashless system and removing those coin mechanisms for good?

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