EPnet Cashless can be used to pay for refreshments and integrates catering services with customers’ existing security device. No cash is ever held on the card – instead, EPnet opens an account in the name of each staff member. It can work in debit mode (like a bank Debit card) where money is paid into the account in advance by means of cash or web Loading or in credit mode (like a bank Credit card).

For the employee it could not be simpler. Their existing access device may be used to make purchases from vending machines, staff restaurant or staff shop in very much the same way as it may already be in use for car parking or building access.

Cashless Catering

In the staff restaurant, EPnet Cashless uses touch screen tills, making life simpler for restaurant staff. EPnet Cashless Catering is flexible enough to support subsidised meals and may be programmed on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis to avoid carry over. EPnet’s multiple pricing facility will help those companies, which need to offer differential pricing by cost centre, department or position. The system allows employees to ‘overdraw’ their account to a predetermined limit to avoid embarrassment and queue build-up at tills. Visitors are catered for by means of a temporary card, which may be paid for by the visitor or charged to a hospitality account.

Cashless Vending

EPnet Cashless can also be used at the vending machine to make purchases; control free vends and provide differential pricing. In fact, all the features available at the till are also available at the vending machine.

Cashless Payment Options

Typically flexible in its approach, EPnet Cashless has a number of paying in options for Loading accounts. As well as the standard cash Loaders, EPnet Cashless offers the choice of secure web-Loading from any Internet-enabled device (including smartphones) or a Payroll interface. All options can be mixed on the same system, where required. In addition, EPnet has interfaces to a number of other payment methods using smartphones and NFC.