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PPE dispensing solutions -making vending machines a viable alternative

By quintus

Quintus have a version of our software to make vending machines a viable tool for dispensing PPE. Our software can control the machine and allow Staff and Contractors to use their security card to access PPE. The software has a number of features specifically designed for this market to enable Staff to get free issue and Contractor companies to be invoiced for their staff use.

  • Windows 10 based with full use of drop down menus etc.
  • Full history for accurate PPE allocation reporting.
  • Each machine can be filled with different items.
  • Able to differentiate between Staff and Contractors for separate:
    • Reporting
    • Billing
    • Barring
  • Check if User has recently renewed safety items.
  • Able to provide Quotas to:
    • Define items a User can take
    • Limit quantity of items a User can take
    • Daily, weekly and/or monthly limits can be set
    • Enable different Groups access to job-related items
    • Bar Users from non job-related items
  • Setup Supervisor override if Quota limit reached
  • Email User & Supervisor with confirmation of PPE issuing
  • Email/URL message to Machine Stock Supplier for refill & usage data

The Migration Station. Creating solutions to meet customer needs.

By quintus

Recently, a customer advised us they were changing their security card infrastructure and all the EPnet Cashless Users would need to be issued with new cards. With the number of cards running into thousands, this would prove to be a huge exercise to register all the new cards and transfer the Accounts, Histories and Balances to these new cards.

We spent a while thinking how we could help them through this problem and eventually came up with the idea of a Migration Station.

A small box that would allow the Users to simply touch their old card on the reader which automatically brought up their Account, then touch their new card to transfer all their data to the new card and delete the old card from the system.

Problem solved with a neat and powerful solution that saved hours of admin time and cost.

We’ve changed our phone number

By quintus

Since the advent of inclusive call plans, many of our customers have asked us for a geographical (01) number to use rather than our 0844 number. In response to these requests we have reverted to our original 01494 881422 number. The 0844 number will cease to work after the end of September 2019.

We hope this is not an inconvenience and will allow you all to call us using your inclusive call plans in future.

Single price terminal speeds up school meals

By quintus

Quintus Systems has developed a special terminal to speed up cashless payment for school meals. The Single Price terminal is programmed to the price of the school set meal. The small box works in unattended mode with the pupils simply touching their finger or card on the reader to be charged the standard price. The terminal gives off a loud positive or negative sound to confirm payment, or non-payment. A nearby till operator can continue to operate their till whilst monitoring the sounds from the Single Price terminal. In the case of a non-payment, they can take appropriate action.

2 Single Price Terminals set up on a plinth ready for meal service.


web-Loading with WisePay

By quintus

Quintus Systems have teamed up with WisePay to add a “web-Loading” alternative to our range of payment options.

Traditionally, cashless systems have used cash Loaders to add value to the cashless account by inserted money into a machine. However, by working with WisePay, web-Loading enables us to take payments via the Internet.

Any Internet-enabled device (be it a smartphone, tablet or PC) at home, work or on the move can be used to transfer money directly from the bank to an EPnet Cashless account. This saves costs with cash-counting and banking and provides greater convenience for the account holder.

This is particularly useful for parents to pay money into their children’s accounts at school, although is not just limited to the education sector. wisepay


yoyo-vend, powered by Quintus

By quintus

Quintus Systems are pleased to announce our partnership with yoyowallet, Europe’s fastest growing mobile phone wallet. We will be providing vending terminals enabling yoyowallet to be used on existing vending machines. Named yoyo-vend this terminal fits to all MDB & Executive machines. Yoyo-vend enables the yoyowallet QR codes to be read and transactions to be processed.

Our first order, for the University of Oxford, is now ready to deliver and install with firm interest already expressed by more yoyowallet sites.

This unique terminal offers the option of upgrading an existing stock of vending machines to this exciting, new payment method without purchasing new machines.

The terminal uses the standard BV or Cashless plate on the vending machine making fitting straightforward. Once installed the machine will have a QR code scanner prominently positioned on the front of the machine. This will enable the user to simply hold the phone screen up to the vending machine for the transaction to take place with charging directly to yoyowallet.

Please call us for further details.